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Digital Innovation Forum 2021

Online Conference

Operationalizing Ghana's Digital Transformation Agenda

About The Event

Digital Innovation Forum 2021.

The Ghanaian Government-led ‘Digital Ghana Agenda’ seeks to establish Ghana as the leader in technological innovation in sub-Saharan Africa by 2023. TechGulf LLC is excited to host a Digital Forum in the form of a Panel Discussion, on Tuesday the 20th and Wednesday the 21st of April 2021 under the Theme: Operationalizing Ghana’s Digital Transformation Agenda.


Ghana Digital Transformation Agenda

Formation of regional community information centers aimed at bringing government e-services, including postal services, passport services and birth registration, closer to rural communities;

TechGulf’s Expansive Industry Strategy

Formation of regional community information centers aimed at bringing government e-services, including postal services, passport services, and birth registration, closer to rural communities.

Ghana: Africa’s Digital Hub

GOG has a vision of making Ghana a leading digital hub in Africa and placing her among the leading countries in the use of information technology to streamline government services and achieve citizen service excellence.

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TechGulf LLC is a leading US-based technology company headquartered in California, the USA with a firm commitment to delivering excellence through its Ghana operating arm, TechGulf Ghana Limited.

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Conference Objectives

The TechGulf Digital forum will convene thought leaders, policymakers, and seasoned business executives from Ghana and the US to engage in discussions to share best practices, current trends, and issues to build business relationships and partnerships.

Our goal is to create collaborations and partnerships as well as attract investments that integrate various forms of infrastructure to reap numerous benefits.






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Agenda for the 2021 Innovation Forum

The time has come to foster a new form of relationship between Ghana and the United States of America in respect of trade and investment co-operation. The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic crisis have posed exceptional challenges for Ghana. The panels will discuss and share ideas to include planning processes and areas of focus and suggest the breadth of scope in the work to be undertaken to support a robust economic recovery using technology.

We aim to have in-depth discussions and engagement with our expert panelists and moderators on four key topics namely:

Education: Digital transformation trends have heavily impacted the education industry. From primary school educators through those in higher education, the digital transformation has affected classrooms and how these teachers reach their students. These changes have been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which closed schools in countless countries around the world. In an effort to help students keep learning, many schools and teachers turned to technology to help them bridge the gap.

Datacenter infrastructure: Today’s organizations rely on their proprietary data assets to make critical business decisions, utilizing powerful algorithms to derive invaluable insights from the unstructured data gathered from customers, suppliers, partners and competitors. Choosing a data storage solution can be a daunting challenge. To make the best decision, companies need to weigh the benefits of on-premises vs off-premises solutions and various cloud-based options.

Tech entrepreneurship:Tech Entrepreneurship is, indeed, becoming vital as Ghana, and other African countries participate in an open and global economy, as it provides greater opportunities and enables effective optimization of resources to attain high-profit margins and lead the influx of digitally reliant solutions in every sphere of human life.

Healthcare: Thanks to the increasing pace of technological advancement, medical professionals can better diagnose and treat patients’ conditions resulting in a better quality of life. With more technological advances expected to emerge on the horizon, the future looks exciting, and who knows, maybe new technology could soon wipe out global pandemics.

The forum will take place over two days: Tuesday the 20th and Wednesday the 21st April 2021 at the following times:
• 3:00pm – 6:00pm GMT
• 11:00am – 2:00pm EST
• 8:00am – 11:00pm PST


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TechGulf aims to position Ghana as a regional technology leader with a best-in-class technological infrastructure that is critical to unleash the true potential of local businesses and support a pipeline of home-grown tech entrepreneurs who can navigate and thrive in the global market.