TechGulf LLC is a technology company based in San Francisco in the United States and Accra, Ghana founded by Kofi Bonner with the capacity, capability, and competence to develop and support digital infrastructure to accelerate the growth of Africa’s digital economy.

Kofi Bonner is the celebrated American architect and planner who has influenced property design and development in Silicon Valley for close to 40 years having managed and completed many flagship projects.

At TechGulf, Kofi Bonner seeks to anchor, facilitate, and guide US businesses to navigate the complex bureaucratic processes in initiating business in Africa. TechGulf assembles critical stakeholders to conduct a comprehensive analysis of business cases to progress opportunities from concept to financing and eventually implementation. TechGulf focuses on strategic and operational CEO-agenda issues facing businesses, governments, and institutions. We aim to be the leading provider of technological solutions for businesses and the people of Africa.

Currently, we are a primary business partner for technology companies actively working to establish a foothold in Ghana and other parts of Africa.

We are the exclusive reseller of technology products for Overland Tandberg in Africa under a partnership between TechGulf and Overland Tandberg covering the Africa region. TechGulf Ghana Limited is the Accra-based operating arm of TechGulf LLC. With a strong commitment to excellence in every facet of its operations, TechGulf Ghana Limited sells Overland Tandberg products for the entire Africa region developing a world-class base of distributors to support the Overland Tandberg business operation.

Committed to helping communities grow and thrive, our leadership has decades of experience in developing projects. We are committed to public-private partnerships and understand the complicated processes required to get development projects off the ground. We also have specialized expertise in securing sites in desirable locations, as well as working with a team of talented consultants to create value through smart development programming and efficient design.

TechGulf is also a development partner working on a world-class Technology Park in Accra, Ghana. The Techno Park is designed as an innovation district with offices, co-working spaces, incubator spaces in a campus setting with retail and open spaces, all connected by high-speed fiber and fueled by creativity.


To build Africa's largest data center, and co-own technology companies that are actively working to establish a foothold in Africa region.


To anchor and guide technology companies to navigate the bureaucratic processes in initiating business in Africa to earn ownership interest.


  • Client-driven
  • Integrity
  • Productivity
  • Team work
  • Excellence
  • Continuous improvement


  • We anchor, facilitate, and guide businesses to navigate the complex bureaucratic processes in initiating business in Africa.
  • We are a transaction advisory, investment, and project development firm.
  • We are the exclusive reseller of world-class technology products from world branded technology companies.
  • We are actively pursuing the building of a world-class data center.
  • We create ownership interest in technology companies seeking to establish a presence in Africa.